Sunday, January 21, 2018

Sketchbook Sunday 1/21/2018

Welcome back, readers, to another edition of Sketchbook Sunday!  Now let's take a look at yet another thumbnail sketch.

As I explained last time, I only occasionally do thumbnail drawings of Tiffany & Corey cartoons.  Since this creation of mine emphasizes humor over plot, continuity, drama and so on, it does not require the sheer level of preparation and work that my arthouse comics Sunnyville Stories do.  But I digress.

This is what I came up with before doing the Friend For Lunch cartoon.  I thought the Frankenstein monster here didn't look grotesque or shocking enough.  In this case, the humor relies on anticipation.  We know Tiffany is about to get a big surprise when she sees Corey's "friend" so I came up with the character in the final cartoon linked above.

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