Saturday, January 5, 2019

How It's Done: The Creation

Welcome back, everyone!  It's a BRAND NEW YEAR!

I aim to make this year a good one and I have something special in store for you Tiffany & Corey readers.  I will be sharing my creative process of how Tiffany & Corey gets made!  I will be sharing a post each Saturday throughout January and February, showing a behind-the-scenes look at how the cartoons get made.

So how will we kick off this behind-the-scenes look?  

How about with the origin of Tiffany & Corey?

Tiffany & Corey came about from a dream I had years ago.  As a little boy, I had a dream sometime around kindergarten or first grade (I can't remember when exactly).  Everywhere I went - in my home, to school, out to the park, out shopping, etc. - I was accompanied by a beautiful woman in a white dress and high heels.  I didn't forget this strange dream I had and thought about it as the years went by.

After my move to North Dakota in 2014, I toyed with the idea of doing a webcomic and struggled with an idea.  I wanted to do something simple like gag cartoons I used to see in newspapers and magazines.  The idea was on and off for awhile.  While I wanted to do a webcomic, I didn't have characters to use.  Then I remembered that strange dream one day and started to think about that pairing - a beautiful woman and a little boy as the protagonists in a comic or webcomic?  That's original and I hadn't seen anything like that elsewhere.

I developed the ideas more, doing sketches and choosing the names of 1980s pop idol Tiffany along with actors Corey Haim and Corey Feldman.  

That's how this series came into being.

Next week:  I share how I generate ideas!  Stay tuned!

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