Greetings, friends!  Tiffany & Corey is a semi-weekly webcomic gag series.  That means it is updated twice a week - once on Tuesdays and once more on Fridays - and emphasizes humor.

Our series stars two primary characters, Tiffany and Corey.  Tiffany is a beautiful woman and Corey is a little boy with a big mouth.  In addition, we also have Alessandra, a supporting character who shows up sometimes.

This series is focused on humor so most of the material appearing here are single panel gag cartoons done in black & white.  However, color cartoons and multi-panel comics will occasionally be featured here.

Tiffany & Corey is mostly old-school in its creation.  In other words, the drawing is done traditionally in pen & ink on paper.  Color work is produced with mixed media such as inks, markers, gouache, etc.

I hope you enjoy my superb comics creation!  Check out my links page for more cool stuff and also my contact page if you want to reach out to me!

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