And now, I'll share with you various links!  Some of these are connected to me, some are my favorite places, some are superb individuals and some are just random.  But you're not here to read me gushing on and on, right?  You want those links.  So without further ado...away we go!

Sunnyville Stories - The official blog for my main creation, an independent print comic

TV Tropes - A cool page with loads of neat info; in fact, Tiffany & Corey does have an entry on this page!

Comic Rocket - Here you can use this page to read all kinds of webcomics including Tiffany & Corey!

Belfry Webcomics - Tiffany & Corey is listed here too!
Duckduckgo - My personal favorite search engine

Gurney Journey - The blog of James Gurney, a talented illustrator and genius; I had the honor of meeting him in person back in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania in 2010!

Canister X - The page for the uncanny A.P. Fuchs of Winnipeg, Manitoba (that's up in Canada)

Project Wonderful - A service you can use to advertise your work, blog, etc. as well as make a little money too.  Sign up today (it's free)!

Geek Girl - An independent superhero title created by the spectacular Sam Johnson

Jason Brubaker - This man is a GENIUS!!  He not only created two magnificent graphic novels - reMIND and Sithrah - but also serialized them online, built up a huge fanbase and even had these printed thanks to Kickstarter!  This is someone you must follow!
Be sure to check back from time to time as I will be updating these links.  Now go back to reading Tiffany & Corey!!