Friday, June 2, 2017

How to Use RSS Feeds

I'm currently setting up an RSS feed for this blog and webcomic of mine - Tiffany & Corey (which officially launches on June 13, 2017) - that may be a term you've heard before.

But what on Earth does it mean?

RSS stands for "REALLY SIMPLE SYNDICATION".  It's basically a way of distilling the bare essentials of a website, weblog, etc. to make it easier for readers, fans, and other colorful characters to digest their favorite web content.

To make use of RSS, you need an Internet connection and a feed reader, also called an aggregator.

There's many out there like Feedly or Google Feedburner.

And how do you know if the site you're looking at has an RSS feed?  Just look for this symbol.

If you see that symbol, the page has an RSS feed for you.

Cool, uh?