Monday, June 5, 2017

Introduction to Tiffany & Corey

People try to look for deep meanings in my work.  I want to say "They're just cartoons, folks.  You laugh or you don't."  - Gary Larson

Ladies and gentlemen, my professional name is Max West and I'd like to welcome you to this Google powered blog.  This site will be the host for my new webcomic, Tiffany & Corey.  I am also the creator of the print comic Sunnyville Stories and that has its own blog.

Tiffany & Corey is a gag-per-day webcomic not unlike Gary Larson's creation the Far Side but with recurring characters like Heathcliff and the Lockhorns.  This webcomic is updated semiweekly - that means twice a week, on Tuesdays and on Fridays.

These are done as single panel cartoons in black & white but occasional multi-panel comics and color work will be shown.

As a warning, there'll be occasional gallows humor and use of alcohol.

Any questions or comments can be sent to maxwestart(at)gmail(dot)com or you can write to the following address:

1100 19th Avenue N, #108
Unit J
Fargo, ND 58102-2269 USA

Hope you enjoy Tiffany & Corey, my latest creation!

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